Why should you build a career in Data Science?

  • Higher salaries
  • Increasing job opportunities
  • Work in any industry
  • Make real world impact
Data Scientists get an average of 12 lakh per annum as Fresher's salary

Skills and Requirements

Problem Solving Mindset

Intellectual Curiosity

Basic Programming Knowledge

Laptop (Machine) + Active Internet Connection

Business Acumen

The Win-Win story

Introducing the BlobCity Community:
  • Data Science Tutorials – from fundamentals to advanced concepts
  • Webinars by Experts – To learn from the best in the industry
  • BlobCity A.I. Cloud – The best platform to practice and improve your skills
What you get
  • Certificate of completion based on live project accuracy (60% or more)
  • Get connected to potential recruiters and secure your career with a glorious job opportunity*
    *After you get your certificate of completion

Here's your chance to enhance your portfolio 10x by simply adding skills like machine learning and data science.

Live Contests

  • Each contest with a total prize money worth Rs 50,000
  • Top 5 contestant to win cash prize & recommendation letter
  • Winners will be announced within 7 days from date of completion
  • Contestant rankings will be based on model accuracy

The Learning

  • Live Projects & Contests
  • Cloudbooks & Choice of JupyterLab
  • Learning videos, self-learning modules, reference documents, etc.
  • Weekly Live webinars
  • Work on real-world problem statements

Prize Money


INR 16,000


INR 13,000


INR 10,000


INR 7,000


INR 4,000

Process Flow

Register for the course (individual registration)

Receive email to set password

Get set go to learn the new course on BlobCity's specially designed page

Course Structure

Fundamentals of A.I.

Fundamentals of A.I.

  • Introduction and Basics
  • Statistical Techniques
  • Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
  • Training and Testing Neural Networks
  • Common AI & ML Models



  • Hello, Python - Quick
  • Functions and Getting Help
  • Booleans and Conditionals
  • List, Loop and List Comprehensions
  • Strings and Dictionaries
  • Working with External Libraries

Intro and Intermediate Machine Learning

Intro and Intermediate Machine Learning

  • How models work.
  • Basic Data Exploration
  • Your first Machine Learning Model
  • Challenges in real datasets
  • Categorical Variables Pipelines.Cross-Validation, XG Boost, Data Leakage

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

  • Introduction to coding for
  • Data Visualization
  • Line Charts, Bar Charts & Heatmaps
  • Scatter Plots ,Distributions Choosing Plot Types and Custom Styles
  • Final Project ,Creating Your Own Notebooks



  • Creating, Reading and WRiting
  • Indexing, Selecting & Assigning
  • Summary Functions & Maps
  • Grouping and Sorting
  • Data Types and Missing Values

Feature Engineering

Feature Engineering

  • Baseline Model
  • Categorical Encodings
  • Feature Generation
  • Feature Selection

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

  • Intro to DL for Computer Vision
  • Building Models From Convolutions
  • TensorFlow Programming
  • Transfer Learning & Data Augmentation
  • Deep Learning From Scratch
  • Dropout and Strides for Larger Models

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

  • Intro to NLP
  • Text Classification
  • Word Vectors
  • Data Types and Missing Values

Intro to Game AI and Reinforcement Learning

Intro to Game AI and Reinforcement Learning

  • Write your first game-playing agent
  • One-Step Lookahead
  • N-Step Lookahead
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning

Price List

6 Months


Duration: 6 Months

Live projects: 6

Live Contests: 2

3 Months


Duration: 3 Months

Live projects: 3

Live Contest: 1

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-Akshat Parik
Mechanical Engineering, 2016
Works as a Data Scientist for a large multinational bank

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SPPU, SKN Lonavala

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Computer Engineering
SPPU, K.K.Wagh college of engineering Nashik

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Mechanical Engineering
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